Bogotá (Colombia) -- Introductory Program for Family Orientation Moderators

Societal pressure against the family can be very strong at times. Some young Colombian couples concerned about this situation decided to develop centers for family orientation. These centers offer courses on raising children and marital relationships, using the case method of instruction.

The aim of these courses is to help the participating couples to focus the education of their children in a milieu of friendship; and, through the study of practical cases, to discover the richness of family life for the growth of each person.

With this goal in mind, in March the Introductory Program for Family Orientation Moderators was organized in Bogotá. 63 couples from different cities throughout the country took part. The course was given by Professor Luis Carreras from the Family Development Program in Barcelona, Spain, which has been active in working with families since 1968.

Those taking part in the program gained experience in the use of case methods in family orientation and became acquainted with the general structure of the family orientation programs.

The sponsors of the initiative are involved in discussions with the Barcelona organization to provide these courses all over Colombia.

Romana, n. 44, January-June 2007, p. 159.

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