Mexico City (Mexico) -- Mediterranean ports

The Advanced Institute for Institutional Administration of the Pan-American University is a pioneering initiative in Mexico in the field of hospitality. The Federal Government has entrusted it with various training projects at the national level. It offers instruction leading to an academic degree (licentiate) and various types of diplomas. Course offerings are quite varied and range from the administration of service enterprises to personnel development and management.

An annual event is the Muestra Gastronomica (Gastronomic Exhibit), held each year with a special theme. In 2007 the theme was “The Mediterranean Seaports: Greece, Morocco, Algiers, Egypt, and Turkey.” The ambassadors of Algiers, Egypt and Morocco participated in the event, whose preparation included research into the culture, economy and society of these countries carried out by the licentiate students.

Romana, n. 44, January-June 2007, p. 161.

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