Navunibitu (Fiji) -- Work Camp at the Mission School

During the month of July 2006, volunteers from Warrane College in Sydney, Australia, and Glenrowan Study Center in Auckland, New Zealand, joined forces for a work camp in Fiji.

Navunibitu Catholic Mission is situated in the province of Ra, to the north of Viti Levu. For two and a half weeks the volunteers from Warrane and Glenrowan repaired and painted the mission school.

The building has eight classrooms, bathrooms and a teacher’s room. Before beginning to paint they had to make many repairs. These included the emplacement of new windows, the installation of sanitary facilities and the replacement of some parts of the roof and gutters. They also installed screens in the windows and dug a large trench for sewage pipes. At the same time they prepared a place for garbage disposal. An old metal shanty also had to be demolished. Finally, they repainted the goals for the sports field and the flag staff.

Those at Navunibitu were very happy with the work that was done. They are good friends of the students by now, since this was their fourth visit there.

Romana, n. 43, July-December 2006, p. 241-242.

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