Bogota -- (Colombia) "From Vatican II to New Evangelization"

The Department of Doctrine and Ecumenism of the Colombia Bishops’ Conference, in collaboration with the Theology Department of La Sabana University, organized the 18th edition of its Course of Theological Renewal.

The meeting took place at the seat of the Bishops’ Conference from July 10 to 13. More than a hundred priests, deacons and seminarians took part from various dioceses throughout the country: Bogotá, Medellín, Manizales, Ibagué, Cali, Villavicenio, Baledupar, Santa Marta, and Yopal.

Professors Juan Luis Lorda and Juan Alonso, from the University of Navarra, noted that 2005 had been “a crucial year and a point of departure” in the Church’s life. The Catholic Church not only celebrated the 40th anniversary of the closing of the last Council, but also saw the end of the Pontificate of John Paul II and the beginning of that of Benedict XVI. They stressed that both pontificates have been marked by the intention of the Council to bring about a new evangelization in the modern world, beginning with a renewal of the Church in its fundamental aspects. In this context they also spoke about the importance of the personal path of conversion for each Catholic, as a specific way of personalizing the teachings of the Council that the new Pontiff, like his predecessor, wants to emphasize.

Romana, n. 43, July-December 2006, p. 236.

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