Dublin -- (Ireland) "Can do, Can U?" A Seminar on Volunteer Work for University Women

The Glenard and Ros Geal university residences in Dublin and Galway organized a seminar under the title, “Can do, Can U?” on the topic of volunteer work. Students from Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Korea, the Netherlands and other countries took part in the conference, which focused on Africa, AIDS, and other current topics. Those taking part exchanged experiences regarding projects carried out to foster solidarity.

Angelina Kakooza, a Ugandan doctor, explained how AIDS is being combated in her country. Melanie Verwoerd, former ambassador of South Africa to Ireland, said that volunteer work provides a unique training that opens up unsuspected horizons in life.

For Manon Van Alphen, who headed a group of Dutch university women, one of the most interesting sessions was that given by Gobnait O’Gráidaigh on the qualities needed for volunteer work. “It is important to know one’s own talents and limitations before working with a team,” said Manon. “Otherwise it is easy to become discouraged by the gap between theory and practice in volunteer work.”

Romana, n. 43, July-December 2006, p. 237-238.

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