Rio de Janeiro -- The Papers Project

A group of university professors in Rio de Janeiro decided to combine efforts in order to put into operation the Papers Project, aimed at encouraging and assisting graduates in various fields, including medicine, economics and business management, to write scientific articles under a professor’s direction, which would later be sent to specialized journals or academic congresses. The working sessions are held every two weeks in the Laranjeiras Cultural Center.

Thirty students are involved in the first session of the project. Many of them have taken on topics with an ethical aspect, such as the social responsibility of companies, fundamental human rights, techniques for evaluating patients in intensive care units, the concept of justice, and other such topics.

For some of the students, the project has meant the discovery of the social responsibility their profession entails and of the need to use their professional competence to work for the common good. The goal of the founders of the Papers Project is to blend scientific rigor with ethical reflection.

Romana, n. 38, January-June 2004, p. 92.

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