Hobart, (Tasmania) -- Volunteer Program

Southmore Study Centre is continuing its volunteer social work program for primary school students at Herdsman’s Cove Primary School. The project involves university women who dedicate time to activities for disadvantaged children in the sixth grade of primary school. One of the purposes of the program is to have a positive influence as role models for the students and provide guidelines for their secondary school studies and their lives as adults.

In 2004 Southmore expanded the project to remain in contact with the girls during their high school years, when they are more vulnerable to external pressures and require closer attention.

In recognition of their work with disadvantaged children and by recommendation of the principal of the school, the program has received the “Learning Together” prize for Educational Excellence in the local school district. The Herdsman’s Cove project also received a state prize for Educational Excellence, presented by Mrs. Paula Wriedt, the Minister of Education for the State of Tasmania.

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