Tegucigalpa (Honduras) -- Academic series in Guaymural University Center

In the second half of 2003, three lecture series were organized in Guaymural University Center on medicine, architecture and business. In these series, well-known professionals from the university and in some cases from business circles took part as speakers.

The series were aimed at complementing the academic education of the students and encouraging a sense of service to others in their profession.

In the series on medicine, five topics were presented, fundamentals of neuro-anatomy, basic electrography, cardiac ischemic ailments, epilepsy, and history of neurology.

Speakers in the series on architecture raised topics connected with preserving the country’s cultural patrimony and improving living conditions in the major cities.

The business topics considered were: “empowerment” in business enterprises so as to maximize human resources, the banking industry, effective hiring techniques, and granting bank credits.

Most of those taking part also attend the activities of Christian formation organized by the university center.

Romana, n. 37, July-December 2003, p. 87.

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