Sao Paulo (Brazil) -- Meetings on fashion

Leme Cultural Center in São Paulo organizes “Meetings on Fashion” twice a year. Aimed at students of the fashion departments in the city, these gatherings discuss questions related to the ethics of creativity, human values and the role of women in contemporary society. In the eighth series of meetings, the first in 2003, well known professionals from the media discussed the development of collections, marketing, labels, visual communication and fashion, merchandising and showcases.

One of the conferences was given by the woman in charge of an important style competition, the most prestigious Brazilian event in the fashion field.

The Christian character of the educational work carried out at Leme Cultural Center, as well as the teachings of St. Josemaría on the sanctification of work that inspired this initiative, frequently provoke the interest of those at the conferences and lead them to reflect more seriously on the repercussions of their work. Often the students taking part in the Meetings on Fashion get involved in other formative activities carried out at the center such as social work, volunteer work in the public schools of the poor neighborhoods in the city, or courses on aspects of the Catholic faith.

Romana, n. 37, July-December 2003, p. 85.

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