Inauguration of the “Institute for IndustrialTechnology,” in Lagos

On October 4, the Institute for Industrial Technology (IIT), in Lagos, Nigeria, was officially inaugurated.

Its director, Darlington Agholor, explained that “Blessed Josemaria Escriva was very interested in helping the neediest members of society to improve their standard of living and obtain the indispensable means for a more dignified life. He encouraged us to start a technical school as soon as possible to give professional formation to the largest possible number of people in Nigeria. The same is true of many other social projects that have sprung up all over the world as a result of his urging.”

“As we approach the centennial of Josemaria Escriva,” Agholor added, “this school is a birthday present, a humble monument that we have begun in his honor. We hope the school will continue to testify for many years to our gratitude and devotion to Blessed Josemaria.”

During the inaugural ceremony, the representative from the Nigerian Ministry of Education, Abimbola Davies, said that the IIT is “an example of how private citizens can exercise their initiative for the benefit of society.” The President of the Board of Directors, Otunba Peter Adegbesan, noted that the school aims to be “an agent for the relief of poverty, since it is aimed specifically at young people from the lowest economic strata of our society.”

The IIT offers its students quality technical and mechanical training to facilitate their entry into the workforce. Among other programs it provides a three year course in electromechanics for young people who have finished secondary school. At the end of their studies, the graduates of IIT will be well versed in the basics of mechanics and electronics. Classes on professional ethics also form an important part of the curriculum.

The IIT uses the “dual” educational system, based on a combination of classes and work experience.

The school is provisionally located in some buildings of the Carnaud Metal Box Company in Lagos, which has made available to IIT its premises and machinery. Work on construction of the definitive school buildings has already begun.

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