A stone monument to Blessed Josemaria at the Seido Mikawadai School in Nagasaki, Japan

Those who began the Seido Mikawadai School always considered Blessed Josemaria as its founder, since it was he who encouraged them to begin it and who prayed insistently for its success. The very day he went to heaven he spoke of their efforts to get the project underway and asked people to pray for its fruitful outcome. Thanks to his intercession from heaven, little by little all the difficulties were overcome. The government approved the purchase of the required land, and in April 1978 the first phase of construction was completed.

Blessed Josemaria’s presence is very tangible at the school, since he is responsible for the spirit animating it. Although less than one fifth of the students are Catholics, many have great devotion to him and pray to him every day.

In April 2001 everyone in the school began to prepare for the centennial of his birth. The students and staff decided that a stone monument should be placed in a prominent place in the garden in his memory. Thanks to the donation of the parents of a former student, a non-Christian, the project quickly became a reality. A bronze relief of Blessed Josemaria is accompanied by the following words from The Way: “Don’t let your life be sterile. Be useful. Blaze a trail. Shine forth with the light of your faith and of your love.” The monument was blessed on September 30.

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