Message of July 20

My dear children: may Jesus watch over my daughters and sons for me!

You have already had the opportunity to know many details about the trip I made during the past few weeks. I want to mention briefly one of the many reasons for my joy during those days.

In different countries, with different languages ​​and customs, it has been wonderful to experience, once again, unity amid diversity.

The unity of the Work, as a participation in the unity of the entire Church, is based above all on the Eucharist and is expressed – it should be expressed – especially in fraternity. How forcefully Saint Josemaría exhorted us: “Love one another!” A love that consists in understanding, being genuinely interested in each person, praying for one another, and living a spirit of service. A unity that necessarily is open, which expands in apostolic zeal.

All this is a gift from God and also the responsibility of each and every one. And so often experiencing our own limitations, without becoming discouraged let us ask our Lady, Mother of Fair Love, that we may all say to our Lord: “You have enlarged my heart” (cf. Ps 119:32).

I also ask you to accompany me in your prayer when, in mid-August, I will go to be with your sisters and brothers in the Holy Land and I will have the joy of praying in those holy places.

Pamplona, ​​20 July 2022

Romana, n. 75, July-December 2022, p. 202.

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