Devotion throughout the world

An image in the parish of the Assumption of Our Lady in Torrent, Spain

The parish of the Assumption of Our Lady in Torrent, a suburb of Valencia, Spain, held the blessing of an image of St. Josemaría Escrivá at the end of the Mass celebrated on St. Josemaría’s feast day. The image, a painting made with oil and acrylic, was blessed by Rev. Vicente Guzmán, in a ceremony in which the parish priest and episcopal vicar, Rev. Jesús Corbí, and other priests from Torrent took part.

The initiative, promoted by faithful from the parish and from Torrent, is the work of the young Mexican painter, José Antonio Ochoa, who lives in Valencia. Forty-eight inches high and twenty-seven inches wide, it depicts St. Josemaría praying the rosary while looking trustingly at the Virgin Mary. A frame with a gold leaf finish highlights the blue background.

A painting at the ELIS Center (Italy)

On June 28, the new Blessed Sacrament Chapel at the ELIS Center in Rome was inaugurated. It was designed by the School of Sacred Art in Florence. The artist of the altarpiece, Sofia Novelli explained that “working together with the other artists of the workshop, we had the idea of uniting the work in a single polymetric altarpiece, with the background of Rome, the city where ELIS is located. We are also about to finish a painting for the wall opposite the altarpiece, which will depict St. Josemaría with some of the students in the place where they study and carry out their daily work.” St. Josemaría, who followed the center’s development with great zeal, liked to say that the tabernacle and Christ’s Eucharistic presence are the source from which the energy is drawn to carry out the daily work at ELIS with ardent love. “I met St. Josemaría in 1968. One of the first things he taught me was love for the Eucharist,” said Raffaele Nappi, head of the ELIS Formation team. “He told us that we had to be men and women of the Eucharist, because the Eucharist gives us the strength needed to strive to attain sanctity in our daily life and work.”

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