Sydney, Australia - Life after the Classroom

Creston College is a women’s university residence located near the University of New South Wales in Sydney. In April it organized a conference on “The Transformative Power of Work,” which included several encounters with young professional women who have found new meaning in their work after passing through the university classrooms.

Dr. Angelica Merlot, cancer researcher and 2019 New South Wales Young Person of the Year nominee, recounted her personal successes and failures, and the path that led to her becoming, at 25 years of age, the youngest recipient of a prestigious research grant from the Australian government. Another speaker, Dr. Rachel Carling, a former political activist and current director of Right to Life NSW, discussed helping women through her work in the pro-life movement. Another event was a meeting with young professional women (one single, one recently married, and a third expecting her first child), who shared experiences about life after the classroom. They talked about their love for their work, their efforts to attain a balance between work and family, and the beauty of raising a family.

Romana, n. 69, July-December 2019, p. 280-281.

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