Bogotá, Colombia - Eradicating Corporal Punishment for Children

In recent months, the School of Psychology at the University of La Sabana (together with the “Alianza por la Niñez” and other government agencies) provided support for a bill to eliminate physical punishment of children in Colombia. A comprehensive research project piloted by the School of Psychology, in which 928 children from different parts of the country were interviewed, revealed that almost half the children in Colombia are subject to some form of physical punishment. The School’s findings, which were presented in June at the “First Congress on Physical Punishment,” were aimed at: a) promoting a law that prohibits physical punishment, along with intervention strategies to inform parents of different alternatives for educating their children; b) showing how physical punishment gives rise to other forms of violence; and c) helping to generate a cultural change in the education of children.

Romana, n. 69, July-December 2019, p. 278.

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