Venerable Montse Grases, Proposed an as Example for Young People

The Synod on Young People offered a list of “Young Witnesses” as examples for youth today. Some have already been canonized and others are in the process of canonization.

One of these is the Spaniard Montse Grases, who loved basketball, tennis, music and theatre, and who bore with a contagious faith and optimism the painful illness that led to her death at the age of 18. She was a numerary in Opus Dei. Her example led many of her friends to discover the joy of Christian life.

The lives of other young people who embraced celibacy and sought holiness in their daily circumstances are also offered as examples, including the Italian Carlo Acutis, a computer enthusiast; Gianluca Firetti, an agricultural expert and soccer player; and Chiara Badano, who like Montse died at the age of 18 from cancer.

Among the 34 persons offered as an example are also young people who sought Christ on the path of courtship and marriage. These include Chiara Maria Bruno, a student of chemistry and pharmaceutical technology, and Carlotta Nobile, who studied art history and liked to play the violin. She was also a writer and had her own blog.

Romana, n. 67, July-December 2018, p. 301-302.

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