Message of November 4, 2018

We have begun the month of November by celebrating the Solemnity of All Saints, and the following day, the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed. These dates remind us that our hope is in heaven (cf. Col 1:5), a hope that illuminates our steps on earth. This hope tells us that the world in which we live will one day be transformed into “new heavens and a new earth” (2 Pet 3:13). It also tells us that our daily activities have a meaning that goes beyond what we see directly around us. As Saint Josemaría assured us, these activities acquire the “vibration of eternity” if we do them out of love for God and for others.

Another reality that fills us with consolation is the Communion of the Saints. How much it encourages us to know that we are never alone, that in Christ we are one Body! We build up the Church, and concretely the Work, wherever we are: all together and everywhere. We help uphold each other! In this regard, I especially ask for prayers for the 34 new deacons of the Prelature who were ordained yesterday in Rome.

Rome, November 4, 2018

Romana, n. 67, July-December 2018, p. 282-283.

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