Japan Volunteering from Taiwan, Macao, and Japan

From August 3 to 17, a social assistance program took place in two cities in the Philippines, carried out by students who attend the apostolic activities at Heshan Residence in Taiwan, Homlan Student Center in Macau, and Yoshida Student Center and Seido Cultural Center in Kyoto and Ashiya, Japan. In Manila, the volunteers engaged in discussions and workshops with children at the Children’s General Hospital in Manila, and accompanied children with cancer and their families at theBahay Aruga shelter. The second part of the volunteer project took place on the island of Palawan, where volunteers helped to make repairs on a school and those from Japan gave some classes on their culture and traditions. At the end, the decision was made to form a group to raise funds for the school.

Romana, n. 67, July-December 2018, p. 314.

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