Fiftieth Anniversary of Opus Dei’s Apostolic Work with Women in Australia

November 6 marked the 50th anniversary of the arrival in Australia of the first women to establish the apostolic work of Opus Dei there. In commemoration of this date, faithful of the Prelature, cooperators, and friends took part in Masses of thanksgiving celebrated in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and New Zealand.

Young women taking part in the means of Christian formation gathered in several centers of Opus Dei to celebrate the event and recall the first steps in their country. A news presentation for the occasion offered information on the beginning and development of some apostolic initiatives, both in Australia and New Zealand.

The Prelate of Opus Dei wrote a letter from Rome, thanking God for the apostolic work during this half-century and encouraging them to undertake “a daring apostolate” based on “interior life, unity and fraternity,” following “the legacy of St. Josemaría,” which will assure “the supernatural effectiveness of their apostolic efforts.”

Romana, n. 61, July-December 2015, p. 317.

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