Documentary Holiness for Everyone: The Apostolic Work of Opus Dei in Guatemala

The documentary Santidad para todos. La labor del Opus Dei en Guatemala was screened on Friday, October 2, in the Teatro Lux of the capital city, as part of a commemorative ceremony for the 40th anniversary of St. Josemaría’s stay in Guatemala.

Auxiliary Bishop Raul Antonio Martínez of Guatemala City presided as representative of Archbishop Oscar Julio Vian. On his part, Msgr. Francis Wurmser, regional vicar of the Prelature, encouraged those present to “give thanks to God for the abundant fruit that the holy life of St. Josemaría had produced throughout the world and specifically in our country.”

The documentary is directed by Juan Martín Ezratty. It gives an overview of the history of Opus Dei in Guatemala and presents some educational, educational, and charitable apostolic works undertaken by faithful of the Prelature. It shows how St. Josemaría’s message has reached Guatemalans of all walks of life, helping them to give a supernatural meaning to their daily activities.

The documentary includes some previously unshown films of the catechesis of St. Josemaría in Guatemala in February 1975, and an interview made in 1991 with Msgr. Antonio Rodriguez Pedrazuela, one of the first priests to arrive in the country to begin the apostolic work there in 1953.

At the suggestion of Archbishop Mario Alberto Molina of Los Altos, the documentary was also shown in the city of Quetzaltenango, on Friday, October 16, in a ceremony presided over by the archbishop himself.

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