Seventh St. Josemaría Symposium: New Scenarios of Freedom: Christians in the Twenty-first Century

On November 21-22, the seventh International St. Josemaría Symposium was held in Jaén, Spain. Over five hundred people from nine countries met to reflect on, in the light of St. Josemaría’s teachings, the creation of “new scenarios of freedom” due to recent social changes.

The inaugural lecture, “Christianity and the values of citizenship,” was given by José Luis Requero, a justice of the Supreme Court. Among the speakers at the conference were Rev. Jose Luis González Gullón, a theologian and researcher at the Josemaría Escrivá Center of Documentation and Studies at the University of Navarra; the movie director Pablo Moreno; Carmina García Valdés, former director general of the Fundación Red Madre; Jack Valero, director of Catholic Voices; the medical doctor for Atletico Madrid, Jose Maria Villalón; and Ángel Tallón, a doctor in charge of organizing European initiatives in Africa..

The Vicar General of the Jaén diocese, Rev. Francisco Juan Martinez Rojas, gave the final presentation, entitled “Holiness and daily life in the message of St. Josemaría.” The conference was closed with some words by Bishop Ramón del Hoyo of Jaén.

Romana, n. 59, July-December 2014, p. 348-349.

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