Celebrating the Fortieth Anniversary of His Visit to Cañete, Peru

The community of Cañete celebrated the fortieth anniversary of St. Josemaría’s visit to this region, on July 13, 1974. For this occasion, Bishop Ricardo Garcia, bishop of the prelature of Cañete and Yauyos, celebrated a solemn Mass in the shrine of Mother of Fairest Love in San Vicente. Following the Mass, a statue of St. Josemaría was carried in procession from the church to the city hall. Also attending the ceremony were local authorities, and students and volunteers from other countries helping out in development programs in the area.

The mayor, María Montoya, stressed the great value of St. Josemaría’s teachings for the spiritual and human formation of people from this area, and his role in encouraging the start of social projects such as Condoray and Valle Grande, which are assisting development in the province and benefiting thousands of people with limited incomes. She also pointed out that the founder of Opus Dei’s teachings and example had led hundreds of priests from the Yauyos prelature to give their lives generously in the service of the local people, and to carry out a pastoral work that, over time, has deeply impacted the lives of the families in Cañete.

The Holy See entrusted the territorial prelature of Yauyos to Opus Dei on October 2, 1957.

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