Valencia, Spain -- Law Club for university students

The Albalat Student Residence Law Club organized a cultural gathering in Strasbourg this past May. Those taking part had the opportunity to visit and have working sessions at the European Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament. The university students took charge of all aspects of organizing the trip: setting up the interviews, drawing up debate topics, etc. During the four days spent in Strasbourg, the students were also able to speak with several television correspondents. One of them decided to make a film report about the activity, which was shown on national television.

The Law Club, run by students at Albalat residence, organizes periodic gatherings with professionals and academics. Recently, for example, a professor of labor law spoke about the effects of the current economic crisis on workers, and a city judge looked at the proposed law on abortion that was being discussed nationally at that time.

Romana, n. 50, January-June 2010, p. 168-169.

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