Valencia, Spain -- Internet at the service of the person

On February 27, 2010, a conference entitled “The Media and Christian Values” was held in La Lloma, Valencia, Spain. Organized by the COSO Foundation, its purpose was to highlight possibilities offered by the media to transmit sound values to society. Topics discussed included “Communication resources on the web: the classic, the new, and the most effective,” “The communitarian dimension of the web: the special case of the blogs,” and a practical session on web pages.

Among those taking part were Gustavo Entrala, General Director of the public relations agency “101”; Tomas Baviera, telecommunications engineer and researcher in digital communications; and Jose Miguel Cejas, a journalist and writer. A key idea that kept coming up was: The Internet offers great opportunities to serve others, but to take advantage of the web in order to build up a more human society, an adequate and ongoing formation is required.

Romana, n. 50, January-June 2010, p. 165.

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