Mass in the “St. Raphael Cabin,” recalling the crossing of the Pyrenees during the Spanish civil war

St. Josemaría celebrated Mass in the Catalonian Pyrenees in November 1937 while fleeing from the religious persecution that erupted during the Spanish civil war. It took place in the forest of Rialp, near the town of Pallerols. Since then no one has celebrated Mass in that unusual spot. Thus the Mass celebrated in the “St. Raphael Cabin” on August 19 has historical value.

Groups of people from Italy, Australia, Hungary, Ireland and various provinces of Spain took part in the ceremony. Many also visited the church and rectory in Pallerols, as well as the so-called Casa del Corb, notable points on St. Josemaría’s passage through the Pyrenees.

The “St. Raphael Cabin” is the name the Founder of Opus Dei and the seven young men who accompanied him gave to the place where they lived from November 22 to 27, 1937. This was during a stop in the expedition that ended in Andorra a few days later on December 2. It was a small log cabin with the floor dug out of the ground and a roof made of pine branches. The cabin was hidden from view behind a slight ridge. The news of its recent reconstruction, thanks to the generous efforts of groups of young volunteers, has encouraged many people to visit it.

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