A Marian Year Concludes for the Prelature

Friday, November 28, marked the end of the Marian Year that Bishop Echevarría had convoked for the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Opus Dei as a personal prelature by Pope John Paul II, and to prepare for the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the Work.

The Prelate had wanted in this way to follow in the footsteps of Don Alvaro del Portillo, who in 1978 convoked a Marian Year in preparation for Opus Dei's golden jubilee. This way of expressing thanks to God responds to the conviction deeply engraved in the soul of St. Josemaría that “Opus Dei has been born and has developed under the mantle of our Lady.”

Romana, n. 47, July-December 2008, p. 328.

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