Madrid, Spain -- Fiction and entertainment at the Santillana Student Residence

The Santillana Student Residence has been organizing a University Conference on Communication since 1987. The 21st edition took place on November 19, under the title “Think Tank TV: What does television think?” The work of scriptwriters and production companies was given special attention.

The two round tables were directed at university students in the field of communications. The first included the producers Arturo Rodríguez Bernal of “Magnolia” and Juan Carlos Cueto of “Multipark,” the film critic Alberto Moreno, and Carmen Fuente, a professor at the Villanueva University Center. The session analyzed social models in television series. The second round table studied new formats of fiction and entertainment, with the participation of Jesús Moreno of Antena3TV, Encarnación Pardo of Boomerang, and Juan Antonio Dominguez of Vertice 360º. The moderator was Javier Perez de Silva, professor of audiovisual production.

Romana, n. 47, July-December 2008, p. 335.

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