Limbe and Yaoundé, Cameroon -- Lobeké-Dykes Family Weekend

The Lobeké-Dykes Association of Cameroon Families organized two family weekends this year, one in Limbe, near Douala, and the other in Yaoundé, the capital. The idea arose on the occasion of the International Family Congresses that took place in Kenya and in Rome during recent years, and which led to the forming of the Cameroon association.

Married couples with experience in the subject directed the sessions of family orientation for those attending. One of the sessions was centered on the studies of school age children, and the other on spiritual formation in the home. The participants expressed gratitude to the organizers for all the useful suggestions raised and for the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with other couples. At the end the proceedings of the conference were published.

Romana, n. 47, July-December 2008, p. 338.

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