Other publications about the founder of Opus Dei

The publisher Kontakt Plus of Bratislava, Slovakia, has published Rozhovor o Zakladatelovi Opus Dei, the first Slovak edition of Immersed in God, an interview by Cesare Cavalleri with Bishop Alvaro del Portillo. 800 copies were printed.

The publisher Rád in Prague has produced Blahoslaveny Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, by Karel Dachovsky, a new biography of Blessed Josemaría Escrivá in Czech. Three thousand copies were printed.

Ediciones Eunsa of Pamplona, Spain has published the book Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer y los inicios de la Universidad de Navarra (1952-1960). In the book, some of the first professors at the university recall the founder of Opus Dei’ contribution to getting the institution underway. Another volume of history was published by Ariel under the title Fuentes para la historia del Opus Dei, by Federico María Requena and Javier Sesé.

Rialp has published Josemaría Escrivá como escritor, by the Chilean writer and priest, Jose Miguel Ibañez Langlois. It is an essay on the founder’s literary style based on his published works. Another monograph recently published is Los años del seminario de Josemaría Escrivá en Zaragoza (1920-1925), by Ramon Herrando Prat de la Riva. This is a joint publication by the Josemaría Escrivá Historical Institute and the publisher Rialp.

Two recent books have been published in Polish. Zalozyciel Opus Dei. Panie, sebym przejral! is the title of the first volume of the biography by Andrés Vázquez de Prada, which has also been published recently in Portuguese by Verbo publishers. Another book published in Poland is Mistrz dobrego humoru, the Polish translation of Maestro de buen humor, by Jose Luis Soria.

In Portugal, Paulus Editora has published Orar 15 dias com Josemaría Escrivá, by Guillaume Derville.

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