Commemorative edition of 'Holy Rosary'

In the presence of President Gustavo Noboa of Ecuador, a new edition of the book Santo Rosario [Holy Rosary] was introduced to the public. This second Ecuadorian edition was published to commemorate the centennial of the birth of the founder of Opus Dei. About four hundred and fifty people were in attendance.

During the ceremony, President Noboa pointed out that «as Constitutional President of Ecuador, I want to express gratitude for the work that the Prelature of Opus Dei has done, in the almost fifty years since its arrival here, to form good citizens and to promote a whole series of values that are contributing to the creation of a more just and equitable society.»

Dr. Jorge Salvador Lara, a member of the Ecuadorian Academy of History and chronicler of the city of Quito, reviewed the founder’s life. At the end he said that when the canonization of Blessed Josemaría took place it would be the culmination of «the divine adventure of the path to God, which he once described as the audacious flight of the bird who soars so high that he contemplates the sun face to face. All sinners, including ourselves, are called to love Jesus Christ, our only model.»

Another speaker was Professor Beatriz Tama, who spoke about Blessed Josemaría’s Marian devotion, and Emmanuel Martinez, president of the publishing company that prepared the commemorative edition of Santo Rosario. At the end, Msgr. Paulino Busea, Regional Vicar of Opus Dei in Ecuador, directed words of thanksgiving to the President and to the other participants.

The edition is illustrated with pictures from the school of Quito representing the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary. At the same ceremony a pocket-sized paperback edition of the book was also introduced.

Romana, n. 34, January-June 2002, p. 117-118.

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