Illustrated biography for children

La vida de Josemaría Escrivá [The Life of Josemaría Escrivá] by Enrique Muñiz and Alvaro Matud introduces the life of the founder of Opus Dei to children. Published by Monte Carmelo press, it forms part of a collection entitled Gente Menuda, which includes other exemplary lives such as St. Francis de Sales, St. Dominic, St. Teresa of Lisieux, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

The book presents small children with «a saint who also watched television and who liked movies and the Olympics,» and who founded Opus Dei to help everyone who wants to be Jesus’ friend, «which led to his undergoing many adventures.»

At the end of the pocket-sized book there is a vocabulary explaining words like «penance,» «ecumenism,» and «Rosary.» The biography ends with a prayer asking for God’s help through the intercession of Blessed Josemaría.

Romana, n. 34, January-June 2002, p. 120-121.

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