Books by St. Josemaría

Via Crucis, Mexico City, Eca, 2023, 71 pp., 1st edition (29th Mexican).

Em dialogo com o Senhor, Lisbon, Lucerna, 2023, 247 pp., 1st Portuguese edition of En diálogo con el Señor.

Cartas (I), São Paulo, Quadrante, 2023, 288 pp., 1st Brazilian edition.

The Collected Letters: Letter 29: Dei amore, 9 January 1959. On the Work of St. Gabriel in Opus Dei, New York, Scepter, 2023, 106 pp., 1st English edition of Letter 29 (also printed in Nigeria by Criterion Publishers).

Caminho, São Paulo, Quadrante, 2023, 352 pp., 14th Brazilian edition of Camino.

Sulco, São Paulo, Quadrante, 2023, 352 pp., 5th Brazilian edition of Surco.

Forja, São Paulo, Quadrante, 2023, 352 pp., 5th Brazilian edition.

Amar o mundo apaixonadamente, São Paulo, Quadrante, 2023, 128 pp., 4th Brazilian edition of the homily Amar el mundo apasionadamente.

Cammino, Milano, Ares, 2023, 328 pp., 65th edition of Camino in Italian.

Romana, n. 77, July-December 2023, p. 217.

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