A Sculpture in Medellín (Colombia)

Shortly after the canonization of St. Josemaría, the parish that bears his name began its activities in Medellín. It is located in the Belén neighborhood, in Aguas Frías, on one of the western slopes. It is an area of old brick kilns that has grown rapidly. Since the parish was erected, some members of Opus Dei, accompanied by their friends, have taken part in various initiatives there: first communion and confirmation classes, visits to needy families, health initiatives and legal advice. A volunteer even dedicates Thursday afternoons to teaching people how to organize a vegetable garden at home, and every two weeks a group of women from the neighborhood attend talks to learn handicrafts. With the help of two foundations, a soccer school and a library have also been set up.

Recently people decided that a new statue of St. Josemaría was needed that would better assist people’s devotion. The San José Workshop in Quito, Ecuador, was contacted about this. The sculpture, measuring over one meter, was made from a mold made by Arturo Guerrero, a Mexican architect living in Guayaquil. The work is made of fiberglass, with a finish that simulates bronze. It was transported to Medellin by road from Quito.

During the Holy Mass on Sunday, November 12, at eleven o’clock in the morning the new image was blessed, with the church full to overflowing.

Romana, n. 77, July-December 2023, p. 215-216.

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