New Website for the Writings of St. Josemaría: escriva.org

A new web page is available on the Internet with the works of St. Josemaría: escriva.org.

In addition to the best-known titles (for example, The Way, Friends of God andChrist Is Passing By), the new website also includes others published in recent years in critical editions, such as En Diálogo con el Señor (In Dialogue with the Lord) and the first two volumes of Cartas (Letters). Following the plan for the publication of the complete works of St. Josemaría drawn up by the St. Josemaría Escrivá Historical Institute, future publications of his works will also appear on escriva.org, after allowing some time to pass after they appear in print.

Fonts, backgrounds and colors are chosen to help people navigate the web easily, also for those with vision problems.

The new website has been designed to work correctly also in countries without broadband Internet access. The changes introduced have also made loading times much quicker.

The works of St. Josemaría published in this portal total several thousand pages, with a wide and rich content. For those users who want to find specific quotations or ideas on a specific topic, an index has been created that groups all the texts by subject. There is also an index of Scripture references with links to the work in which they appear. It is possible to search for quotations for a specific work or to access from the general index all the works that use a given source.

The new website also has a powerful search engine that makes it possible to quickly locate any word and find quotations easily.

Fundación Studium, which holds the copyright to the works of St. Josemaría Escrivá, presented the new portal on September 29 in Valencia, the city where the first edition of Camino (The Way) was published. Taking part in the event were Msgr. Mariano Fazio, Auxiliary Vicar of the Prelature of Opus Dei, historian Ana Escauriaza, a researcher at CEJE (Center for Documentation and Studies on Josemaría Escrivá), and Ricardo Velesar, a member of ONCE (Spanish National Organization of the Blind),

The Auxiliary Vicar of Opus Dei referred to St. Josemaría as a classic author, inasmuch as his message endures over time and people from all beliefs and backgrounds can benefit from it.

Ana Escauriaza in turn said that although “St. Josemaría’s message transcends Opus Dei and his time,” his writings belong to a specific historical and personal context: “Therefore, in the CEJE we help people to read them in the context of our own day and age, because, although the meaning does not change, our way of understanding it can.”

Ricardo Velesar gave a moving testimony of his personal conversion and explained the accessibility of the new website for the visually impaired. “Through St. Josemaría’s writings I discovered that I could be a saint by selling lottery tickets. This changed my life. This website is good news because it will allow many people around the world, whatever their situation, to have access to the works of this saint.”

Escriva.org currently offers translations in 24 languages. Others will be added over time.

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