Books by St. Josemaría

Brazdă, Târgu Lăpuș, Galaxia Gutenberg, 2022, 358 pp., 1st Romanian edition of Furrow.

Lettere, vol. 2, Milano, Ares, 2023, 256 pp., 1st edition of Letters (2) in Italian.

Letters: Volume 2, London - New York, Scepter, 2023, 275 pp., 1st edition of Letters (2)in English

Conversaciones con Mons. Escrivá de Balaguer, Madrid, Rialp, 2023, 287 pp., 23rd edition.

Amar el mundo apasionadamente, Madrid, Rialp, 2023, 80 pp., new edition of the homily delivered in Pamplona in October 1967.

Bruzda, Warsaw, Apostolicum, 2023, 414 pp., 11th edition of Furrow in Polish.

Kuznia, Warsaw, Apostolicum, 2023, 416 pp., 10th edition of The Forge in Polish.

Kelias, Vilnius, Kataliku pasaulio leidiniai, 260 pp., 3rd edition of The Way in Lithuanian.

Tràng Hạt Mân Côi, Ho Chi Minh, Nhà Xuất Bản Tôn Giáo, 2023, 82 pp,, 2nd edition of Holy Rosary in Vietnamese.

Cammino, Milano, Ares, 2023, 368 pp., 64th edition of The Way in Italian.

Camí, Barcelona, Albada, 2023, 299 pp., 9th edition of The Way in Catalan.

The Way - Furrow - The Forge, New York, Scepter Publishers, 2023, 991 pp. Large print edition of Camino, Surco y Forja in English.

Romana, n. 76, January-June 2023, p. 88.

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