Dr. Ernesto Cofiño’s Beatification Process Continues in Rome

On February 16, 2021, the postulator of the cause of beatification, Rev. Miguel De Salis, delivered to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints the Positio super vita, virtutibus et fama sanctitatis (on the life, virtues and reputation for holiness) of the Servant of God Ernesto Cofiño Ubico, physician and father of five children, a member of Opus Dei.

The volume consists of about 800 pages and is the fruit of a long study, guided by the Relator appointed by the Congregation, based on the depositions and documents collected during the diocesan process.

Dr. Cofiño, who was born in 1899 and died in 1991, is considered a pioneer of pediatrics in Guatemala, where he fought against malnutrition and childhood diseases. He also worked in the setting up of hospitals, educational initiatives, social assistance centers, soup kitchens and food distribution to needy families. The postulator expressed joy that the conclusion of the Positio took place during the 30th anniversary of the Servant of God’s death.

Miguel De Salis said that “the delivery of the Positio to the Congregation is an important step because it marks the beginning of the second part of the Roman phase of the process. In the first part we tried to organize the evidence collected, contextualize and show the life and virtues of the Servant of God. Now begins the second part, which consists, first of all, in the examination of the Positio by the Congress of Consultors. If the result is positive, the documentation for the Cause will pass to the evaluation of the bishops and cardinals and, if they vote favorably, the Congregation will propose to the Pope the signature of the decree in which the heroic virtues are recognized and he is declared venerable.”

Romana, n. 72, January-June 2021, p. 86-87.

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