A New Apostolic Impetus

Following the recommendations of the Prelature’s last General Congress (summarized in the Prelate’s pastoral letter dated February 14, 2017), during the current six months foundations have been laid to strengthen the impetus and coordination of Opus Dei’s apostolic activities. This effort takes into account current circumstances, including pastoral priorities, availability of people, globalization and ease of communications.

In many cases, this project involves the reorganization of some governing structures and circumscriptions of the Prelature, as reflected in several of the decrees found in these pages of Romana.

Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz spoke about this project in his January 30 message, which is also included in this issue. “While the good that is being done in many places is abundant, we would like our Lord to be able to rely on more hands to help make the joy of the Gospel reach the furthest corner of the world.”

Among the goals is “reducing the number of structures,” with the desire to allow for “greater agility and efficiency in the apostolic work. It will also allow for more attention to caring for people and to each person’s apostolate in his or her own professional, family and social environment, in tandem with the formational activities organized in and from the Prelature’s center.”

Monsignor Ocáriz concluded his January 30 letter saying: “I am relying on your prayer and on the personal commitment and initiative of each one of you to help make our Father’s message as effective as possible for our day and age. We entrust this project to the motherly intercession of Holy Mary, and also – especially this year – to that of Saint Joseph.”

We ask everyone reading this editorial to pray for this effort to strengthen the apostolic dynamism that, as a fruit of the Holy Spirit, needs to spread among all the faithful and friends of Opus Dei. This project thus seeks to reinforce what, in the founder’s words, is an essential part of its mission: “To make of the whole world a great catechesis.”

Romana, n. 72, January-June 2021, p. 11.

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