In the Light of the Gospel: Short Meditations

“My hope is that these pages will help people to pray and encourage them to come closer to Christ,” Fernando Ocáriz wrote in the introduction to his book. It offers 120 brief reflections that aim to help and accompany the reader in meditating on the Gospel with a contemplative and listening attitude.

The book by the Prelate of Opus Dei was published in Spanish by Ediciones Palabra in November 2020. Is available in print format and can also be downloaded free of charge in several digital formats. The book is also available now in English (Scepter), French (Le Laurier) and Portuguese (Quadrante). It will also be published in Polish and Italian in the near future.

As the author tell us in the introduction, the book “originated in some of the preaching notes I made from 1977 onwards.” Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz stresses the need to pray with the conviction that each of us is truly a son or daughter of God.

Romana, n. 70, January-December 2020, p. 92.

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