Publications of Interest

Agustín López Kindler, Toni Zweifel. Quand le quotidien devient lumineux...., Paris, Le Laurier, 2019, 1st French edition, 175 pages.

César Olivera - Antonio Cañellas, Sobre Vicente Rodríguez Casado: pensamiento y acción de un intelectual, Madrid, Ideas y Libros Ediciones, 2019, 1st edition, 179 pages.

Cristián Sahli, L’aventure du Chili. La vie d’Adolfo Rodriguez Vidal, Paris, Le Laurier, 2019, 1st French edition.

Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, Wie Salz und Licht: Impulse für das christliche Gebetsleben. Herausgegeben von José Antonio Loarte, Wien, Verlag Fassbaender, 2019, 1st Austrian edition, 260 pages.

María Casal, Una canción de juventud: Mi vida tras los pasos de san Josemaría, Madrid, Rialp, 2019, 1st edition, 220 pages.

Mercedes Montero, Historia de Ediciones Rialp: Orígenes y contexto, aciertos y errores, Madrid, Rialp, 2019, 1st edition, 375 pages.

Xavier Margenat (text) and Pau Morales (illustrations), La historia de Chiqui: Vida de José María Hernández Garnica, Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona), ADADP, 2019, 1st edition, 55 pages.

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Presentation of the book Rozhovory s Monsignorom Escrivá, Slovak translation of Conversations.

On November 6, 2019, the presentation of Rozhovory s Monsignorom Escrivá, the Slovak translation of Conversations, took place in Bratislava. The dean of the School of Communication at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rev. Jose Maria Laporte, was present for the event. The moderator was Rev. Martin Kramara, press officer and spokesperson for the Slovak Bishops’ Conference, who said: “In my work as spokesman I often encounter similar concerns as those addressed in this book. And I have found in it answers that help me to clarify my ideas.” The edition, published by LUČ, has a first run of 1,000 copies and is the sixth book by St. Josemaría translated into Slovak.

Volume 13 of Studia et Documenta

The Istituto Storico San Josemaría Escrivá has published volume 13 of Studia et Documenta.

The volume opens with three articles on the first steps of Opus Dei in some North and South American countries.

In the first article, Federico M. Requena describes the beginning of Opus Dei’s apostolic activities in the United States. Between February 1949 and the fall of 1957, Opus Dei grew from a small group of five pioneers, established in Chicago, to a membership of some one hundred and fifty men and women with centers in six cities in the Midwest and on the East Coast.

The second article, by Manuel Pareja, talks about the first center of Opus Dei in Colombia, opened a few months after the arrival of Teodoro Ruiz Jusué in Bogota in 1951. In response to requests from the nuncio and the archbishop of the Colombian capital that Opus Dei begin activities there, St. Josemaría asked Teodoro to move to Colombia.

The third study, by Ana María Sanguineti, is entitled “Instituto de Capacitación Integral en Estudios Domésticos.” It deals with the genesis and evolution of a school aimed at promoting the dignity of women and the value of service in the area of domestic work.

The Studi e Note section includes four articles. In the first, Chris Noonan recounts the beginnings of Opus Dei in Ireland, from the arrival of the first faithful to the establishment of the first corporate apostolic works in the country (the first of which was the Nullamore University Residence in Dublin). The article covers the years 1947-1954.

In the second, Alfredo Méndiz recounts “The First Steps in the Work of St. Gabriel,” a history of the development of Opus Dei’s apostolic activity with married people between 1928 and 1950, with reference to the founder’s earliest writings on this subject. It also deals with the birth, evolution, and dissolution of the “Society for Intellectual Collaboration” and the entrance into Opus Dei of the first supernumeraries around 1948.

The authors of the third article, María Hernández-Sampelayo and María Eugenia Ossandón, in “The first women associates of Opus Dei (1949–1955),” tell how the the first women associate members requested admission to Opus Dei, from 1949 to 1955. A brief biography is presented of these sixty-two women.

The fourth article, authored by Martín Aurell, contains a biography of José Orlandis (1918-2010) and his work as a historian. He joined Opus Dei in 1939 and was ordained a priest in 1949. The article recounts his participation in the Spanish Civil War, his relationship with St. Josemaría Escrivá, his years in Rome during the Second World War, his extensive career as a university professor and his written work.

In the Documenti section, Francesc Castells presents the correspondence between St. Josemaría Escrivá and Bishop Manuel Fernández Conde (1942-1970). From their earliest meeting in 1942, Escriva and Fernandez Conde, who became Bishop of Cordoba (1959-1970), shared a close friendship, reflected in frequent correspondence, especially on important feast days and other anniversaries.

In the same section, María Jesús Coma writes about “A Bulletin during the Spanish Civil War: Noticias. The first issue, March 1938.” During the Spanish Civil War, St. Josemaría wrote thirteen issues of Noticias in Burgos, the city where he resided from January 1938 until the end of the conflict. Noticias was a monthly family bulletin that he sent to the young men who had taken part in the activities of the DYA Academy-Residence in Madrid, and who he was able to get in touch with again in December 1937, when he left the Republican zone of Spain.

The Sezione Bibliografica closes the volume. In it, José Mario Fernández Montes and Santiago Martínez compile a bibliography of writings by and about Bishop Alvaro del Portillo and writings published by Bishop Javier Echevarría from 2010 to 2013.

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New publications on Blessed Guadalupe

Cristina Abad Cadenas, La libertà di amare: Guadalupe Ortiz de Landazuri, Milano, Ares, 2019, 1st Italian edition, 95 pages.

Cristina Abad Cadenas, La liberté d’aimer: Guadalupe Ortiz de Landazuri, Paris, Le Laurier, 2019, 1st French edition, 67 pages.

María Del Rincón - María Teresa Escobar, Letras a un santo: Cartas de Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri a san Josemaría Escrivá, Madrid, Letragrande, 2019, 1st edition, 159 pages.

María Del Rincón - María Teresa Escobar, Lettres à un saint: Lettres de Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri à saint Josémaria, Paris, Letragrande, 2019, 1st French edition 163 pages.

Romana, n. 69, July-December 2019, p. 269-271.

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