Some Diocesan Assignments Received by Priests of the Prelature

With the permission of the Ordinary of the Prelature, the following appointments have been made by the respective authorities of the local churches:

Rev. Volker Hildebrandt, Parish Priest of St. Pantaleon Church

Member of the Priests Council (Priesterrat) of the Diocese of Cologne, Germany;

Rev. Enrique Miquel Aguayo,

Administrator of the Parish of the Transfiguration of the Lord, in the Archdiocese of Santiago, Chile;

Rev. Armando Ruiz Castellanos,

Professor of Artistic Education at the Conciliar Seminary of the Archdiocese of Mexico City, Mexico;

Rev. Manuel Martínez Gallardo

Deputy of the Major Penitentiary of the Cathedral, in the diocese of Merida-Badajoz, Spain.

Romana, n. 68, January-June 2019, p. 113.

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