Xabec Vocational Training Center (Valencia, Spain)

Xabec is a vocational training school that offers technical education related to industrial maintenance and building facilities. Besides courses for young people, occupational training courses aimed at unemployed people and specific training modules for workers are offered, both in the academic center and in the facilities of the companies involved. The school is located in the Valencian neighborhood of Orriols, where many laborers and immigrants reside. One of its main goals is to reduce unemployment, by providing the technical training need to find a good job. At the same time, for those who want it, human and Christian formation is offered based on respect for others, a job well done, and love for freedom.

Since its inception in 2002, Xabec has relied on the help of the Eifor Foundation and other entities to carry out its social mission. It seeks to make vocational training accessible to people with few economic resources who are at risk of social exclusion. A number of those studying at the center are foreigners. Those who arrive in Spain without documentation are offered help to regularize their situation and an opportunity to integrate into the world of work. Xabec’s dual training program recently received the Prize for Excellence in Vocational Training awarded by the European Commission.

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