After the Earthquake in Mexico City (September 20, 2017)

I have been following closely the painful news of the quake that affected a large section of Mexico City yesterday at 1:14 pm. Together with the regional vicar of the Prelature in that country, who happened to be in Rome, we have tried to be closely united to the Mexican people, whose expressions of solidarity have moved me.

Through the motherly mediation of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I ask our Lord to welcome into his glory those who have lost their life. I am also asking him to console all those who are suffering from the effects of the earthquake. I feel very close to all of them. Besides asking for their prayer, I would like to thank the faithful, cooperators, and friends of Opus Dei who are generously helping, to the extent of their possibilities, those in need of assistance.

Romana, n. 65, July-December 2017, p. 310.

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