Tenth Anniversary of the St. Josemaría Institute in Chicago

The St. Josemaría Institute was founded in Chicago in 2006 to spread knowledge of St. Josemaría’s life and message. Over the past ten first years, the institute has produced digital resources on the main aspects of the Founder of Opus Dei’s message, distributed through social networks, podcasts, videos, blogs, websites, etc.

One of the most notable initiatives is the start of a summer program of formation for seminarians, carried out in Rome in collaboration with the Midwest Theological Forum. The activity was inspired by the many years that St. Josemaría dedicated to the accompaniment of diocesan priests, in striving to meet their material and spiritual needs.

In 2011, the institute collaborated with the producer Mount Santa Fe to promote the movie There be Dragons. The feature film tells the story of two childhood friends, Josemaría and Manolo, whose lives take very different paths, in the midst of the political and social upheaval in the 1930s in their native country, Spain. The movie is inspired by real events, especially those that refer to the life of St. Josemaría in the years prior to the Spanish Civil War.

The Saint Josemaría Institute has also produced the documentary Passionately Loving the World. This presents the testimony of nine people in the United States who, inspired by St. Josemaría’s teachings, decided to respond to the universal call to holiness in the ordinary circumstances of their daily life.

Another activity carried out during these ten years is The St. Josemaría Institute’s Annual Fall and Winter Conference, an annual cycle of conferences open to the public on ways to find and grow in love for Christ in today’s world.

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