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Books of St. Josemaría

Camino (The Way) Mexico City, Minos, 2016, 66th and 67th Mexican printings.

Droga (audiobook), Radom, Powen, 2016, first audio edition of The Way in Polish.

Surco (Furrow), Mexico City, Minos, 2016, 18th Mexican printing.

Forja (The Forge), Mexico City, Minos, 2016, 17th Mexican printing.

Vyhňa, Bratislava, Luč, 2016, 2nd, Slovakian ed. of The Forge.

Cammino, Solco, Forgia, Milan, Ares, 13th Italian joint edition of The Way (60th printing.), Furrow (22nd printing), The Forge, (18th printing).

Droga, Bruzda, Kuznia, Poznan, Sw. Wojciech, Polish joint edition of The Way (18th printing), Furrow (10th printing), The Forge, (9th printing).

Es Cristo que pasa (Christ Is Passing By), Mexico City, Minos, 2016, 14th Mexican printing.

Amigos de Dios (Friends of God), Mexico City, Minos, 2016, 16th Mexican printing.

In addition the following homilies have been printed:

El matrimonio, vocación cristiana (Marriage: A Christian Vocation), Mexico City, Minos, 2016, 15th and 16th Mexican printing.

Con la fuerza del amor (With the Strength of Love), Mexico City, Minos, 2016, 2nd Mexican printing.

Books about St. Josemaría:

As mãos de Deus - Matrimónio e família nos ensinamentos de São Josemaria, Antonio Vázquez, Parede, Principia (collection Lucerna), 1st Portuguese edition of Como las manos de Dios (Like the Hands of God).

The book was introduced at the Lisbon Book Fair, on May 28. It contains teachings of St. Josemaría on marriage and the family. The translation into Portuguese was undertaken to support the pastoral concern of Pope Francis for the evangelization of the family.

Romana, n. 62, January-June 2016, p. 133-134.

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