Letter to the Faithful of Opus Dei in Kenya on the Occasion of the Terrorist Attack (March 3, 2015)

Dearest Silvano: May Jesus watch over my daughters and sons of Kenya!

Minutes before the Good Friday ceremonies, I feel the need to write to you so as to be closer to each one of you. The news of the senselessness of yesterday's attack has naturally gone round the world, and from the first moment, I have united myself to your sorrow in the face of such meaningless violence, and I unite myself with all my heart to your suffrages for the victims and to the sorrow of their families.

It is necessary that you live the reality of this Communion of Saints which leads us to always act like a pine cone, united and very secure because you have the support of the prayer and the mortification of the Father and of the entire Work, and also of many souls. I count — now in a special way — on you, on your piety, on the offering of the restlessness and discomforts, on your serenity because you are in the hands of God, who takes a lot of care of his Kenyan children, and although the Cross may weigh, Our Lord permits it for the good of those who love him and of humanity.

As the period of Easter begins, in the vigil tomorrow, pray with a lot of faith to the Holy Spirit for those who have committed such an atrocity, so that they may repent and rectify.

I beg you to sustain my intentions and not to relax in the apostolate, convinced that the Blessed Trinity will draw abundant fruit from this situation.

I finish repeating what I told you at the beginning: you count on the prayer of the whole Work, and of many good people, who help us effectively with their prayers. Try to transmit Christian meaning and peace around you: foster among people that they may know how to forgive and to pray for those who commit such atrocities.

I love and I bless you with immense affection,

Your Father

+ Javier

Romana, n. 60, January-June 2015, p. 97.

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