An Alvaro del Portillo Webpage

Since the past March 23, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo has had an official webpage. In the new site, users can find biographical and spiritual information about the successor to St. Josemaría, references to the initiatives that he fostered during his life, in addition to various multimedia items about his preaching. The page is integrated in the Opus Dei site, but can also be reached by searching for www.alvarodel-portillo.org.

The webpage offers information about Bishop del Portillo life, as well as the prayer card for private devotion. It also recounts a number of favors attributed to his intercession by people who have appealed to him in their needs. It also includes news of the progress of his process of beatification and canonization. There are also videos and texts taken from the preaching and writing of the one who was the head of Opus Dei from 1975 to 1994.

Romana, n. 58, January-June 2014, p. 106.

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