New design for the Opus Dei webpage

On Sunday, March 23, a new version of the website www.opusdei.org was premiered. The website is offered in 32 different languages with versions for 78 countries and has been especially designed for browsing on mobile devices. The increase in visits and suggestions from users were the impetus for a change in format, with more space for pictures and audiovisual content, and with substantial technical improvements.

The main menu has been simplified to make it more intuitive. More than 60,000 articles are organized in five large sections: “What is Opus Dei,” “The Prelate,” “News,” “Saint Josemaría,” and “Christian Life.” The site also has a “Press room” for media professionals.

An important addition are various web pages integrated into the site itself, for the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, Cooperators of Opus Dei, and each of the 13 faithful whose cause of canonization has begun.

Since half the visits to the site come through smart phones or tablets, an effort has been made to provide a design adaptable to all sizes of screen and various operating systems. All articles can now be downloaded in epub and mobi format.

A more powerful search engine has also been added, which displays results in a clear and orderly way.

Toa assist in the task of evangelization, and as it has already done for some years now, the website offers words of the Holy Father, messages from the Prelate, information about the doctrine and life of the Church, testimonies from people seeking God in their ordinary life, and stories about initiatives for the most needy in society.

Romana, n. 58, January-June 2014, p. 139.

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