Centennial of the birth of Dora del Hoyo

On March 29, 2014, the municipality of Boca de Huergano in the province of Leon, Spain, was the scene of a ceremony in tribute to Dora del Hoyo, on the centennial of her birth (January 11, 1914 — January 11, 2014). A commemorative plaque was unveiled in the house where she was born with the following inscription: “To Dora del Hoyo Alonso, on the centennial of her birth, for her contribution to social projects throughout the world, following the impulse of St. Josemaría.” Dora del Hoyo was the first woman of Opus Dei who dedicated herself to sanctifying domestic tasks, seen as a professional occupation. Her life was marked by the desire to serve others disinterestedly and joyfully, making life agreeable for them, an inheritance she left to many people throughout the world. Her mortal remains repose in Our Lady of Peace, the Prelatic Church of Opus Dei, close to the soon to be beatified Alvaro del Portillo. Thousands of faithful of the Prelature and many others have testified in a spontaneous way to Dora’s influence in their lives. Her process of canonization was opened on June 18, 2012, in Rome.

Romana, n. 58, January-June 2014, p. 137.

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