Centennial of the birth of the Servant of God José María Hernández Garnica

November 17 marked the centennial of the birth of the Servant of God José María Hernández Garnica, whose cause for canonization has been begun. He was one of the first priests of Opus Dei and helped spread the message of the sanctification of ordinary life throughout many countries of Europe.

A commemorative ceremony took place on November 18 in the Blanquerna School of Communication at Ramon Llull University, close to the Church of Santa Maria de Montalegre, the organizer of the ceremony, where his mortal remains now rest. The film Por los Caminos de Europa (Along the Roads of Europe) was projected, with a biographical sketch of José María Hernández Garnica and testimonies to his reputation for sanctity. Following the film an address entitled “The Value of Fidelity” was given by Rev. José Carlos Martin de la Hoz, postulator of the cause of beatification for the Servant of God, which was followed by a lively discussion.

One of the ideas stressed was that “Where there are saints, more saints arise,” pointing to his relationship with St. Josemaría and also with Alvaro del Portillo, who will soon be beatified, and with whom, together with José Luis Múzquiz, he received priestly ordination in 1944. All three of them were engineers (Alvaro and José Luis were highway engineers, and José Maria, a mining engineer), with doctorates from different universities. Fr. Martin de la Hoz summarized some letters exchanged between the three priests, especially those between Alvaro del Portillo and José Maria.

Also taking part in the ceremony was the rector of the church of Santa Maria de Montalegre, Rev. Francesc Perarnau, who mentioned the large number of faithful who visit the tomb of the Servant of God and who go to his intercession for favors.

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