Message of solidarity with the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines (November 13, 2013)

The Prelate of Opus Dei has sent a message to the faithful and cooperators of the Work in the Philippines, where typhoon Yolanda caused 10,000 deaths and affected more than ten million people. The Work has been present in this Asian country since 1964.

In his message Bishop Echevarría assured them that he was very close to all the people in the Philippines and was serenely entrusting them “to the protection of the Blessed Virgin, Regina Asiae. Be assured,” he continued, “that from Rome and from all over the world, your brothers and sisters are praying especially for the Philippines and, in particular, for the victims and their relatives, and for every one of the inhabitants of the cities affected.”

He also asked the faithful of the Work to do whatever they could “to help the authorities in providing assistance to the victims.”

“We have learned from St. Josemaría to look at the whole world with a universal, catholic heart. Let us accompany those who suffered the consequences of the typhoon and pray that, despite everything, they may remain peaceful.”

“God remains at our side continuously, also in moments of suffering and those that are hardest to understand humanly speaking. The awareness of our divine filiation urges us to face problems with the certainty that he holds us in his fatherly hands. Therefore, fill yourselves with supernatural outlook so that you may also spread it to those around you.”

Romana, n. 57, July-December 2013, p. 267.

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